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Capital Campaign FAQs

October 16th 2014 by Trenton Travis

Immeasurably More FAQs

What are future plans after the current capital campaign and building renovations and additions?
The Immeasurably More campaign will serve as a launching mechanism for this congregation. We intend to use the new spaces to help us grow and connect others to Christ. We will retire our debt and dedicate more of our offerings to missions and outreach. The success of this program will help us understand our capabilities to expand further. Discussions will continue regarding the future of ministry and facilities of BSLC. We will continue a strategic planning process that brought these projects to the forefront.

What will the protocol be for use of the playground?
The former playground required limitations around the ages of children who could safely use it. The new playground is for all of the pre-school, grade school and middle school children of the congregation. It will be a great tool for youth ministry such as Sunday School, VBS, and other youth activities. Primary access to the playground will be from the lower level west exits.

Will we lose or gain seats in the sanctuary?
With the improvements to the sanctuary, we will not be losing any seating from what we currently have according to our current architect’s plans. We will be working to increase spacing of the existing seating. We are able to do this with the removal of the two rooms in the front corners of the church, allowing us to position the organ and the tables for the bell choir in an improved manner. This will take some of the pressure off of the current placement of the rows and isles while maintaining the number of seats available.

Will congregation feedback be harvested for the stained glass project design?
A committee consisting of a cross section of the congregation and called staff have worked with numerous design ideas and recently selected one. The committee plans to contract the Liturgical Arts Department at Concordia Seward to design, fabricate, and install the window. The design depicts the Trinity and Means of Grace, which are central to who we are as Lutheran Christians. A final rendering and explanation of this beautiful window will be publicized in the coming weeks.

Will the sound system be modified?
The worship area improvements shouldn't change the acoustics of the sanctuary. However, there is a plan to upgrade our current sound-system in a cost-neutral fashion. See Andrew Willey for details.

Will screens be used during worship?
Yes, at times. When projected content adds to the worship posture, accessibility for all members (sight impaired, parents holding small children, etc.) and when visuals are useful to enhance sermon illustrations. No one intends to put the entire service on screens.

Will the communion rail be a kneeling communion rail?
Yes, the communion rail will be built to facilitate kneeling during communion. Kneeling best demonstrates the posture of humility as we receive God’s gifts of Grace. Those that can’t kneel due to physical constraints will be able to receive communion while standing or from a wheel chair.

Will there be a memorial fund established?
BSLC already has a memorial fund, so we will continue to use it and do not plan to add another one connected to the capital campaign. Anyone willing to donate in memorium can do so directly to the capital campaign fund. Please contact the pastoral staff with any questions.

Will the sanctuary improvements still allow for the banners recently purchased by altar guild?
Absolutely!!! We will continue to use and prominently display banners in the future design.

What is the priority of the projects?
The three building projects, as voted on by the congregation, will be paid for first to minimize the impact of any additional loans. The playground is complete, the sanctuary will begin in November and the narthex in the spring (March through July). This project started with sanctuary improvements discussions and then expanded to the narthex addition and playground upgrade, encompassing our immediate ministry needs. That was projected at $540,000. Our capital campaign advisor recommended a target of $1M which allows us to retire our debt in 4 years instead of the current 8 year plan. That allows us to focus our giving on much more to important mission, outreach and ministry matters once the campaign concludes.

Will the mailboxes be relocated?
The current location of the mailboxes will remain. With the new construction we expect to have an improved flow around the area for the mailboxes and relieve some of the current congestion. One of our members will be making new mailboxes to match the finish of the new Narthex. The old ones will be retired and replaced.

Where will new coat racks be located?
New coat racks will be located along wall space in the Narthex. Coat access will not impact any Bible classes or worship services underway.

Will there be any changes to current parking lot lighting?
Our current parking lot was built with the future in mind and has more than double the spaces required by the city. The current lighting will remain and any additional improvement needs will be addressed by the committee.

Will the Stewardship Board continue with Consecrated Stewards during the capital campaign?
Beautiful Savior will continue to have a stewardship program each year. It is important to study God’s Word as it relates to our generosity. The Immeasurably More capital campaign is generosity above and beyond our current giving.

Will we be expanding the church driveway from BlackBob in the future?
The current scope of the project doesn’t include major parking or traffic improvements. As we progress through this three year process, however, we will begin setting our sights on future capital improvements.

How do I volunteer to help on any of these projects?
If you would like to share your time, talents, and energy on any of the facility projects please contact our project manager, Al Gehrt, and look for announcements in the Info As You Go.

How will we be tracking and reporting capital campaign funds raised – individual and corporate?
Tracking will be consistent with tracking of current stewardship. Individually, you will receive periodic statements reporting your giving relative to your commitment. Beautiful Savior will also routinely report total giving relative to the campaign goal.

Where will tables be stored?
We will store tables in the large storage area in the meeting space of the narthex addition.

Will the new Baptismal font be movable?
The plan is for the construction of a beautiful Baptismal font. The new font, along with the altar, will make God’s gifts visually central to our worship area. The font will not be permanently affixed to the floor yet the intent is to leave it in its central location. A central location may seem to present more challenges for weddings so a plan for weddings has been developed that would not necessitate moving the font. Please consult with Pastor Schultz for details on this plan.

Will the roof line match up with existing roof line?
The new roofline will overlap the current narthex roof. It will not directly tie in with the existing roofline in order to reduce the probability of leaks and to be structurally better & easier to emplace.

Will there be more Sunday school space?
Yes, if needed the flex meeting space can be used. Current space for children’s Sunday school is adequate for the time being, but will be addressed in future planning.

Why not start the narthex in November?
We considered this, and determined that using Laborers for Christ, a Lutheran organization of skilled workers, was a better and cheaper option than using local contractors. Laborers for Christ are limited to milder weather conditions, thus the spring start date.

What happened to plans for improvement the congregation made several years ago?
We investigated this fairly rigorously and we found a number of original members who shared with us that those plans were very preliminary in nature and did not get into any details. We therefore chose to do these projects that address immediate needs and also match the ability of our congregation to financially handle. Soon we will evaluate strategic plans for the longer term.

Are we going to install a commercial kitchen?
We plan to install high-end residential appliances due to the unforeseen cost mandated by the city requirements for a commercial kitchen.

What finishes and colors will be used in the projects?
Specific finishes and colors have yet to be finalized. As we renovate we plan to make these spaces warm, inviting, and worshipful. We want the spaces to be a testament to God’s glory among us.

If we don’t reach our goal, what improvements get sacrificed?
We considered this question more than any other. We firmly believe that our God can do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine. As our congregation considers the generosity of God’s grace, we are certain that His people will respond to this call generously. The construction projects have been voted on by the congregation and will need to be paid for regardless of the outcome of the campaign. Most likely, the debt will continue to be paid off on its current timeline instead of an accelerated timeline should we fall short, which we are sure will not happen.

If you have any further questions please e-mail them to Trenton Travis .

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