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A Heart of Thanksgiving

May 19th 2011 by Eden Keefe

Read Isaiah 63:7a by clicking on the reference.

A Heart of Thanksgiving

A recent LWML Mustard Seed Devotion said, "A heart of thanksgiving for all the Lord has done for us is not only a Biblically prescribed principle, but it is also essential to finding joy in life. First, gratitude instills in us contentment with what we have and invites us to take pleasure in those things available to us each day. Second, gratitude brings about peace of mind, and peace of mind opens us to see the best in ourselves and in others. Third, grateful people attract deep friendships and choice opportunities, which often elude complainers and problem-mongers."

How will you practice a thankful heart? By starting your day with prayers and praise to our Almighty God and Savior? By keeping that "Blessings Journal?"

No matter how you do it, recognize your blessings and give God the glory, honor, thanks and praise.

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