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It's a Balancing Act, Ladies!

July 15th 2011 by Eden Keefe

You knock yourself out being the best wife, mother, homemaker, den mother, employee, volunteer, neighbor, citizen, and church member you can be. Then there's the extra mile, the extra smile, the one more thoughtful gesture. There are so many needs ... you want to belong, contribute, serve.

It's time to get on the scales (FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING!!!!) and see if you are in balance. If not, scale back. Seek a sensible, realistic, healthy lifestyle. God likes that. And remain a servant, in His grace.

Try this: Give up one existing activity each time you take on a new one.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, my Savior, forgive me when my busyness distracts me and I neglect my physical and spiritual health. Help me find a balance in my serving that pleases You. Amen.

(Adapted from Grace Notes by Ruth N. Koch, Three:13 Christian Gifts from CPH)

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