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Lessons and Carols 2010

December 16th 2010 by Andrew Willey

Last night we celebrated the service of Lessons and Carols - a special experience in scripture and song of the promise God made to His people. This is a service in which we are confronted by the hopelessness of a fallen existence and echo the longing of ages past for salvation and reconciliation with our Heavenly Father.

About 300 people from our family of faith were gathered together on a cold icy evening in the warmth of faith and fellowship. The beautiful sounds of our voices raised together in praise along with other musical gifts provided a true Psalms 150 experience with:

  • Bass
  • 36 Bells (with 11 ringers)
  • 22 Choral Voices
  • Clarinet
  • Drums (with tambourine!)
  • Flute
  • 2 Guitars
  • Mandolin
  • Piano
  • Organ
  • 4 Trumpets
  • Violin
  • 2 songs by the 3-year-olds thru Kindergarteners
  • 2 songs by the 1st thru 4th Graders
  • 1 song by the 5th thru 8th Graders

Pastor Schultz also reminded us that while the meaning of Christmas and the joyous season accompanying it can take on many forms and feelings, it is at it's core about God's Love.

As this season of anticipation comes to a close, we prayed

Lord God, we praise You that You comforted Your people with the promise of a Redeemer. We praise You that in the fullness of time You sent Your Son as the Redeemer. We praise You for the promise that He will come again to judge the world in righteousness.

Open our hearts to receive our Redeemer now as He comes to us in Word and Sacrament. Open our eyes in awareness of His rule in our lives by His grace. Make Advent a blessing to us as we welcome our King in faith and love. We lift up our heads to welcome Him anew. Fill us with gladness as He comes to us.


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