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God's Saving Love Speaks Comfort and Joy

December 15th 2010 by Joel Schultz

The meaning of Christmas and the joyous season accompanying it can take on many shapes, forms and feelings. It is at it's core, however, about God's Love.

Isaiah 40:1–11

What is Christmas all about? I think, depending on who answers that question, we could hear a multitude of ideas. I think Isaiah presents a great answer – Christmas is about God’s saving love. And we need that saving love because as Isaiah declares, we are like grass and flowers of the field that wither and fade in the face of the breath of God’s judgement for sin. We are born sinful and break God’s law daily and live in a fallen and broken world that further ravages our lives with pain and anguish. In the face of God’s Law, we wither and fade.

But God loves you dearly. And that saving love is what Christmas is about. Isaiah writes: “Comfort, comfort my people, says your God” (v.1). Why? Because our God comes with His saving love – to end our warfare with God – to pardon our iniquity – and to give us double for all our sin.

Forgiveness – forgiveness – to us because Jesus has double paid our sin. He paid our death penalty, withering under the fiery blast of God’s judgement for our sin. The only-begotten Son, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, paid our debt in full! Jesus also has paid the perfect goodness that was demanded of us by living a righteous life from His sinless conception through His sinless life all the way to His sinless death.

Christ has suffered and died so that you can live forever. He has lived a perfect life in your place so that God counts baptized believers as sinless from conception to death. God loves you dearly. He knew you could not save yourself, so He came in human flesh to save you. And He continues to come and fill you with forgiveness and life each time you hear Christ preached and every time He fills you with His resurrected flesh and blood.

In Christ’s double payment for all our sin, is a double portion of forgiveness, and that brings true joy and true and lasting comfort for our souls. That is what Christmas is all about – God’s saving love – and it speaks comfort and joy.

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