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Adult Sunday Classes

Every Sunday during the education hour there are different ways you can learn and grow with other adults in your faith. Here are some of the current offerings:

“God’s Love at Christmas”

November 28-December 19: The story of Christmas is a love story. God loves me dearly and sent His Son to be my Savior. Through the Old Testament prophets, we will explore God’s love for us in Jesus. This four-part study parallels the Wednesday Advent sermon series.

2011 Schedule

Beginning January 2 we will offer 2 Sunday morning growth opportunities.

  1. “Selected Psalms” (led by Pastor Schultz). This class will study the structure, themes, and theology of the Book of Psalms using specific Psalms as examples. We will also discover the richness of this book for our devotional lives.
  2. “Deeper into the Lessons of the Day” (Led by various members). This class will take a deeper look at the Scripture readings of the day bringing further insight into the truths they contain and the “thread” that links them together.
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