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Worship with us!

Sunday Worship morning services @ 8:00am, 10:45am, and 6:00p
Family Education Hour @ 9:30am

Growing Together in Christ

We welcome you in our Savior's name to learn and grow in the word and sacraments with us!

Sunday Mornings


Every Sunday morning we offer various Bible classes from 9:30-10:30. These classes are facilitated by Pastor Schultz and various other adults. Read more about the classes being offered now and in the future.

Children/Young Adult

It is our joy to help raise children in the true saving grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Sunday school is a joint venture to assist all parents in fulfilling their promise, upon the child’s baptism, to raise them in the knowledge of the Triune God. We have Sunday morning classes from 9:30 – 10:30 am for children 3 years old – 6th grade downstairs in the Education Wing. 7th grade, 8th grade and senior high youth meet at the House. College students meet during school breaks and the summer. A supervised nursery is available for those under three in the nursery downstairs. Read more...

Bible Studies

We have a vibrant community of faith dedicated to understanding the word of God through the Bible. Click here and learn about some of the ways you can get involved to learn and fellowship together


Confirmation instruction for our 7th & 8th grade youth is led by Pastor Schultz on Wednesday evenings during the school year. During this time they are formally taught to best appreciate what God has done in their lives with the gift of faith begun at their baptism. After considerable study they are given the opportunity to “confirm” that faith and dedicate themselves towards greater and greater faith maturity, especially in confessing the truth of the Scriptures. Read more…

Advanced Bible Club (ABC)

This program is designed for 5th & 6th graders and eets on Wednesday evenings during the school year. Come build your basic Bible knowledge and skills to prepare for confirmation. This class is not required, but is strongly recommended for youth planning to participate in confirmation instruction in their 7th & 8th grade years.

Basic Bible Beginnings (B3)

This dynamic and interactive Bible introduction workshop is for parents and 3rd graders. During the workshop, parents are given time to personalize (highlight verses, write a note, etc.) their child’s Faith Alive Bible, which they present to their child during worship the following week. The children are then encouraged to bring their Faith Alive Bible to Sunday School and subsequent education classes, as well as to use it for personal study.

First Communion Instruction

This program is for 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grader(s) who desire to receive the gifts of God’s grace in the Lord’s Supper prior to Confirmation Sunday. The instruction, led by Pastor Schultz, is held annually for interested families on mutually accepted dates and times. Upon completion of the instruction, and the affirmative decision that the youth is spiritually ready to receive Holy Communion, they are invited to receive their first communion. Read more…

Membership Classes

If you are interested in joining Beautiful Savior, two different membership classes are offered on a regular basis - the Connection’s class and the Adult Catechism class.

[The Connection’s class is for those desiring more information about Beautiful Savior. It runs 6- 8 weeks and will help you get acquainted with the mission and ministry of Beautiful Savior, and the people in leadership positions, as well as those in the class. We ask that all who desire to become members of Beautiful Savior take part in this class. For more information, contact Shelby Waldman (620-339-5386).

The Adult Catechism class is for those who come to Beautiful Savior from a denomination other than the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. This class discusses the Christian faith from the Lutheran perspective and is helpful in discerning and learning differences and distinction within the Christian church. For more information, contact Pastor Schultz <[login to view email]> (780-6023).

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